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DUI or impaired driving is one of the most complicated and technical criminal charges. It can be a difficult charge to prove. There are more defenses available to you than you may think.

Being charged with a crime can be devastating. But being charged with a crime doesn't mean you'll be convicted. The steps you take now can make all the difference to the outcome.

Traffic tickets carry greater penalties than just the fine. You might pay higher insurance premiums, or even lose your drivers license if you're convicted. That can happen after even just one ticket.

Have you been charged by the police?

If you've been charged by the police, speaking to a criminal defence lawyer is absolutely necessary. You need to know all of your options, the penalties you're facing, and how a conviction will affect you in both the short and long terms. You will want to know if the prosecution can even prove its case against you, or if you have a defense to the charges you are facing.

You may be charged with a crime like assault, theft, fraud or drug possession. Or you may be charged with a driving offense like DUI, impaired driving, speeding, or any other traffic ticket. No matter what the charge, take the time to speak to a criminal defence lawyer, or a lawyer who specializes in DUI or traffic ticket defence.

Your lawyer will review your case, find out if the charges can be proved, explore any defences you may have, and give you your options. When the judge asks you to enter your plea, he expects you are making an informed decision. So make sure that you are.

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