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Criminal Record
Criminal Record

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You have rights! You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The presumption of innocence, a fundamental principle of justice, acts as a robust shield, protecting you from unjust punishment. It requires the government to provide clear and convincing evidence (beyond a reasonable doubt) before you can be convicted.

The criminal justice legal process is designed to be fair. This ensures that you receive a fair trial and are convicted only after the government proves your guilt through proper proof. The presumption of innocence is not just a legal term; it safeguards your rights, preventing authorities from abusing their power.

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Your battle, Our fight

Imagine if you had to go into battle. Who would you want to fight by your side? The answer is clear.

A criminal lawyer is your best ally in this fight. They have specialized knowledge and experience defending individuals and organizations charged with crimes. They are well-versed in the rules and procedures and know how to navigate the complexities of the legal system. They understand the fear and uncertainty you may feel right now, so they’re here to help.

The distinction between criminal lawyers and other legal professionals is significant. With their unparalleled expertise in criminal law and deep familiarity with criminal court procedures, criminal lawyers are ideal for cases involving theft, assault, drugs, DUI charges, and more. On the other hand, civil or corporate lawyers are better suited for non-criminal matters like contract disputes, family law issues, or business transactions. Understanding this difference is crucial in ensuring you receive the best legal representation, and we are here to provide that.

When you’re facing a criminal charge, it’s not just a legal matter-it’s a battle. And the stakes are high. The consequences of losing can be severe, affecting your reputation, ability to secure housing, loans, employment, and, most importantly, freedom. Without a criminal lawyer, you might not know the legal strategies and defenses available, increasing the risk of losing your case. The impact can be significant even if you’re facing a minor charge. It’s crucial to enter this battle prepared and with the proper support. Choose a Criminal Lawyer who has fought these battles before to stand by your side.

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We’re here to help you

We understand the fear and uncertainty that comes with an arrest. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and want to plead guilty just to end the ordeal quickly. But before making a decision that could irrevocably change your life, consult a Criminal Lawyer.

The defense lawyer’s role is to represent and defend people accused of a crime with unwavering dedication. They protect the accused’s rights throughout the legal process and work tirelessly to ensure a fair trial.

Defense lawyers review the government’s case, determine the proper strategy to attack it, build their case, gather defense evidence, locate and interview witnesses, cross-examine government witnesses (often challenging their credibility), oppose inadmissible evidence, and formulate defense arguments.

They aim to present their client’s best possible defence, dismantle the government’s case, prove their client’s innocence, negotiate a fair and favourable plea deal, or ensure that any punishment is just and appropriate. A good Criminal Defense Lawyer can find weaknesses and poke holes in the government’s case, often resulting in the charges being dropped or reduced without going to trial. And if it must go to trial, you’ll be prepared and supported by a trained Criminal Lawyer.

Ultimately, defense lawyers play a crucial role in maintaining balance and fairness in the criminal justice system, which they fulfill with utmost dedication to their clients and the pursuit of justice.

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Get in touch for free

The reassurance and peace of mind you’ll gain from speaking with a Criminal Lawyer is priceless. Even if you’re uncertain about hiring an attorney, contacting us won’t cost you a dime. Call or submit the online consultation form for a FREE CONSULTATION and discover your options without any financial commitment. Don’t hesitate. Time is crucial in these situations, so contact a criminal lawyer now.

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A Formidable Criminal Defense Requires an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Fierce and Aggressive Advocates, Effective Negotiators

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Criminal Lawyers Provide a Relentless Defense Against a Wide Range of Charges.

A DUI conviction can have negative, life-altering consequences. A Criminal Lawyer can protect your future.
Fraud charges are intricate. A Criminal Lawyer knows how to handle these complex cases.
An assault accusation can follow you, even if it’s false. A Criminal Lawyer knows how to challenge it.
Allegations of sexual assault can destroy your reputation, even if untrue. A Criminal Lawyer will stand with you.
Drug charges can result in severe punishment. A Drug Defense lawyer can challenge almost every charge.
Domestic violence allegations can separate you from your family, even if your partner wants you back. Get our help now.
Some people think shoplifting is a minor charge. But a criminal record for shoplifting can be devastating.
Judges take weapons charges very seriously, and sentences can be harsh. Get a Criminal Lawyer to help you.
From shoplifting to the largest thefts, trust that a Criminal Lawyer knows how to challenge the State’s case.
Don’t Let Your Freedom Or Your Rights Be Taken Away From You Without A Fight.

Here are answers to some common questions about criminal and DUI law. Remember, every case is unique, and nothing can replace speaking to a criminal lawyer about your case

What should I do if I have been arrested or charged with a crime or a DUI?
Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately. They are here to protect your rights and guide you through the legal process. Follow their advice. Time is of the essence, and you may need to take immediate steps to secure and preserve evidence critical to your defense.
How much will it cost to call a Criminal Defense Lawyer?
It costs nothing to pick up the phone or submit an online submission form. You have nothing to lose by calling, so do it now.
What’s the difference between a criminal lawyer and other lawyers?
First, every area of law has different rules and procedures. Second, criminal lawyers know what to look for in the case against you. Sometimes, the State can’t prove the case against you, and it takes a Criminal Defense Lawyer to know when that is.
What if I committed a crime? How can a lawyer help me?
One of the cornerstones of our democracy is that individuals are innocent until proven guilty. Sometimes, the State can’t prove the charge. In those cases, the individual must go free. Find out if that is the case before you enter any plea to any charge.
Plea Negotiation and Sentence
Not every Criminal case goes to trial. Many charges are plea-bargained down to lesser offences, sometimes without the resulting criminal conviction. A Criminal Defense Lawyer will get you the best possible results in these cases.
Criminal Defense Lawyers leave no stone unturned in the defense of your case. We see defenses that other lawyers might miss.
Serious defense by Just Charged Lawyers—focused on protecting your rights.
Don’t Face Your Criminal Charges Alone!