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Criminal and DUI Lawyers

Innocent men and women will be convicted of crimes they didn’t commit or punished too harshly because they are unrepresented or poorly represented. Don’t be one of them.

Nothing has a greater impact on the outcome of a criminal charge than the lawyer you hire to defend you.

Charged with a crime or a DUI?
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Don’t panic

The police have charged you with a crime. But the prosecution must prove your guilt. And that’s not easy. An experienced lawyer can find weaknesses in their case. This sometimes results in charges being dropped before even getting to trial.


We can help

With many years of courtroom experience, we understand the anxiety that follows an arrest. Criminal charges ruin your reputation, jeopardize your livelihood, and even rob you of freedom. But we can help. Our experienced lawyers have protected thousands of people from unjust charges. They can protect you too.

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The peace of mind you get from talking to an experienced criminal lawyer is invaluable. Even if you’re unsure about hiring one of our attorneys, we recommend you call for a FREE consultation so you can learn your options without paying anything out of pocket.

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How a criminal defense lawyer will help you

We fought for them.
We’ll fight for you.

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Face the fight with the right lawyer at your side

You’re in a battle, and the consequences of losing are severe. Your reputation, ability to get housing, loans, employment, and freedom are on the line, even if you face a minor charge.

Don’t go into this battle alone or unprepared. Talk to a criminal justice attorney who has fought similar battles often. Get the correct information from the right lawyer, and do it now.

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